About me..

Ok, a bit about me…

I started writing this blog on wordpress.com back in April 2013 when I decided that I might stand half a chance of making a living out of being a writer.  I’ve spent a lot of years working in a conventional office environment, passing my exams, getting my qualifications and now I’d like to do something else as well.  I have my own HR Consultancy, am a certified NLP Practitioner,  NLP  Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Time Line Therapist.  Life got in the way of my writing career a bit but I’m back in my groove now.  I write anonymously for various sites and will be publishing my first book very soon…

I decided to move over to a hosted blog in September 2014 believing that I would have more flexibility.  However, it turned out to be more problematic than I had expected.  And WordPress has a number of options available now… So, all the posts from susanshirley.co.uk are back over to this blog.

I wanted my own blog so that I could write about whatever I wanted, when I wanted, and I pretty much do that, here.  I have other blogs, which you will see returning to wordpress.com in due course.

So, that’s it about me really, apart from the fact that I am a slave to my cats, the ones I write about from time to time in this blog.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

©Susan Shirley 2019