I had my Christmas post all written and ready to go, thinking that I was not going anywhere or doing anything out of the ordinary. Well, my meeting with my friend Anne Germain ( changed all that.  We went to Sergio in Great Titchfield Street which turned out to be a real find.

Anne had been contacted by a modelling agency and she had her photo shoot this week. I’ll be honest, modelling is not my specialist subject, in fact I know zip about it, so she knew there was no point in asking me for any help where that was concerned. Meeting for drinks and dinner after is, however, something I can manage.

I arrived a bit early to do a recce of the restaurants in the surrounding area. I haven’t been out in that particular road before so it was pot luck. Anne and I had both seen an Italian restaurant near to where she was doing her photo shoot so we plumped for giving it a try. And boy, am I glad we did!


The food was excellent, as was the service. Sergio is a family run restaurant, and has been there for about 20 years.  It’s one of those places where loads of famous people go, not that I’m really into celeb-spotting.


We were both really hungry so we asked for olives and and mixed Italian salami to share for starters. The portions were huge! I had the sea bass with prawns, courgettes and tomatoes, and roast potatoes for my main. Mmmmmmmm. Anne really fancied risotto but was concerned that they would put Parmesan in it but they didn’t so she chose the king prawn, thyme and brandy risotto. We were starting to regret having ordered a starter, but we did a pretty good job of finishing our food. I’m sorry I didn’t take any photographs of the food, but we were way too busy eating.


Our waiter was lovely, in fact everybody was lovely, and it was good to catch up with Anne. I have a feeling that Sergio may become a regular haunt for me, I’ve already told another friend about it.

To find out more, check out

And Happy Christmas to everyone!

© Susan Shirley 2015


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