In Praise of Jammie Dodgers

The other day, one of the ladies in my office said that her father had told her that he had invented the nozzle that filled the Jammie Dodger with jam.  She said that she didn’t know whether it was true or not, but that’s what he had told her.  That statement started a whole conversation about these little biscuits – two of us (anoraks) immediately started doing internet searches to see what we could find.

Jammie Dodgers are made by Burtons and have been around for fifty years, although they were re-launched earlier this year with new flavours – Banana and Toffee & Jam and Custard, as well as the original.  They also started to make chocolate dodgers.  It all seems to me to miss the point of Jammie Dodgers to me.  They are meant to be filled with jam, in my opinion.  Tell me now, as a child, who didn’t remove the top half of the original so they could just lick off the raspberry jam from the bottom?  The biscuit is shortcake, so they really are good enough to eat separately.  It was a favourite pastime of mine as a kid.

Anyway, I found, doing my research for this blog, that Jammie Dodgers have something of a cult following – apart from having their own website, they feature heavily on a number of other websites, including one relating to Doctor Who.  I’m a Doctor Who fan, but I didn’t realise that the 11th Doctor Who (Matt Smith) fooled the Daleks into thinking a Jammie Dodger was the self-destruct button for the Tardis.

There are numerous other Jammie Dodger references on websites relating to the Matt Smith Doctor Who, including one where the Doctor apparently ate a whole tin of them without the lid being removed.  And the different sites with recipes for Jammie Dodgers are almost too many to count.  You could try out a different recipe every day for a month, probably.

But I still couldn’t find the name of the inventor of the filling nozzle.



©Susan Shirley 2013


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