Turn and Face the Change…Changes

I’ve been thinking a lot about things that have changed since I was a child.  We couldn’t have grown without change.   As a child, I remember that, on a Sunday, there were only the so-called religious programmes (Christian, in those days). Daytime television was non-existent.  But, as time went by, we got daytime TV and, in the last 10 years or so, satellite TV.  Nowadays, I’ll be honest, I couldn’t live without it.

Then there is the telephone.  A novelty when I was a child, and I remember that, when we lived way out in the country, our telephone number was three digits, plus the exchange name.   Nowadays, most of us have at least one mobile telephone, as well as a landline.

And then there these modern, new-fangled things called laptops, Ultra books and tablets.  (Isn’t that something I take when I have a headache?) I am no Spring Chicken (and if you don’t understand that phrase, it will indicate clearly how much older than you I am) but I love and embrace technology.  To the extent that I have to have my Smartphone surgically removed when I go to bed.  You think I jest, but no.  I left it at work one day, in error and had to do the two hour round trip to retrieve it…  Not to mention the paroxysms of anxiety when I realise that I had “cooked” my battery and I might just be out of contact for ten minutes or so…

All of this “change” is one part of all the changes that affect me, and – probably – you.  I will come back to this topic in due course.

Love and Light xx


©Susan Shirley 2013




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